I had such a wonderful time at Robinhood Camp and such a great experience, made so many new friends and most importantly I learnt a lot about new cultures. I have so many memories to live with until next summer. Summer 2019 was the best summer I’ve ever had in my entire life. Am so lucky to be a part of Robinhood Family and can’t wait for another blast next summer!

Devanshi Kakkad

Student, Ganpat University

Akash Patel:

Had a great 5 years of experience to work with international staff.
I develop my self to work with all different culture.

I gain my tennis experience.
I made number of international friends.

Visited lots of places in usa.

Akash Patel

Tennis Coach, PBI Academy Bangluru

I meet with lots of inteligent people.Had a great experience with kids.
Learn to use of different tennis related machine.

Visited lots of places in usa.

Arti Patel

Privete Tennis Coach, Bangluru

Camp is a wonderful place where you learn lot of things while having best time of your life.
I personally like to be in a camp because you can be yourself and the kids will never judge you, all they do is, ask stupid things, try which makes you laugh very hard

Mahim Saxena

Student, Ganpat University

If you would ask me what is summer camp? I would say a holiday trip where you can enjoy and earn. NO NONO!!
I am not only talking about money. I mean earning of life changing experience and millions of memories.
I have been to RobinHood camp, Maine to serve as table tennis counselor.
Where I got to meet enthusiastic campers and supremely talented counselor from 38 countries around the world.
There is no place in world where you can meet international players and coaches around the globe and unite with them for life other than summer camps.
It helps you grow your knowledge of game every single day. Every player/coach should experience this at least once in life, I promise it would be really fun.

Neha Kantariya

Professor , Ganpat University

Raquette lake camps, the best place I have ever been to.
I spend my summer 2019 at this camp as a Tennis counselor.
It was an amazing experience to live in different culture and with the people from all around the world.
I made some connections that will be always remembered. I learned so many new things like different cultures,
tried so many new dishes, learnt  spanish and other languages.
Overall it was an experience that everyone should atleast try once in their life.

Sahil Bhatt

Student, Ganpat University